Care Instructions:

Because our dungarees are made of premium, raw, selvage denim, they will feel stiff and snug in the beginning.  That said, it's a good idea to break your dungarees in before washing so they conform to your unique shape.  To keep your dungarees beautiful and strong, we recommend you wash when necessary.  To keep any odors at bay between washing, we recommend freezing your dungarees for a few hours. Wear pattern development is improved the longer you go between washes, but too much grime on the surface can accelerate tears and camouflage the fades on your beloved dungarees.

Dye Transfer:

Please be mindful that you may literally leave a mark while wearing your dungarees the first few times. As your dungarees break in the color transfer will disappear.

To Wash:

Machine: Set machine to gentle cold for a darker wash or gentle hot for a lighter wash. Use a mild detergent—ideally one designed to lock in darker colors. Remove washed jeans from machine and hang dry. To soften stiff jeans, tumble dry with no heat.

Manual:  Submerge pants in lukewarm water bath.  Mix in a small amount of mild detergent—ideally one designed to lock in darker colors. Gently move the jeans around in the water rubbing down any grime.  Let soak until water is room temperature and rinse with cool water. Hang dry and tumble dry with no heat to soften.  You can use a mild detergent as necessary to remove any stains from washbasin.