we do our best to make smart choices that mitigate the social and environmental costs of Making clothing.

As "workers" ourselves, we are acutely aware of how our production choices affect people and the environment.  We believe in providing value; to that end we balance the social and environmental costs of making long lasting, beautiful garments, and structure our manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment processes to tread lightly.

With a focus on time tested materials and small batch manufacturing, we are always thinking about durability, mend-ability, comfort, and style. In addition to being mindful on the production end of our business, we also aim to eliminate as much waste (print outs and plastic) as possible in our packaging and correspondence.  With your support, as we slowly grow our business, we are excited to continue to improve our process to do better.

We are inspired by the long game. From raw materials to the jobs at our partner factories, we are in this for the long haul and hope to provide a counter point to the fast, synthetic vision of clothing made for those of us who work hard. In an ever more disposable world, our hope is that each Gamine garment is treasured, personalized, and reflective of our hardworking, graceful, good-humored sisters.