Gamine Dungarees

Each pair of Gamine Co. dungarees is made by hand by the experts in small town (i.e., pop 266) Tennessee, USA.  There you will find members of the founding family cutting and sewing the way they've been doing for decades. Pre-NAFTA, the skilled and hardworking humans at our beloved factory were making jeans for companies like Levi's.  When things moved off shore, they were left with layoffs and having to piece things together.  We are proud to keep the hands at our factory busy and continue to put to use the specialized vintage sewing machines that we depend on to produce garments of the highest quality and integrity.  Every considered aspect of our dungarees, from the thread, the denim, the zipper, to the custom buckle, are proudly crafted here in the U.S.


The 13 oz selvage denim used to make Gamine dungarees comes from the fabled, White Oak Cone denim mill, where denim has been produced since 1905.  The American Draper X3 fly shuttle looms used to make this superior selvage denim date from the 1940’s. According to folks at Cone, “the vintage aspect of [the] looms combined with the fact that these machines sit on the original turn of the century wood floors, creates a rhythm and motion that is uniquely woven into these fabrics.”  It’s not an exaggeration to say that some of the highest quality denim in the world is made at Cone’s White Oak mill. 


Since 1922, Dickies is a brand synonymous with iconic American made workwear.  Pieces made under the Dickies 1922 label feature premium materials and Made in the USA construction, replicating thoughtful workwear details of some of Dickies’ most timeless pieces of the past century – all while celebrating the legacy of toughness and pride behind the Dickies brand.


Nothing goes better with a pair of dungarees than a perfect tee.  It was a no brainer to join forces with Rob Jungman to expand our lineup and fill in the gaps of all natural, hardworking basics. Rob is the mastermind behind the cult brand, Jungmaven, making eco friendly hemp & organic tees out of Los Angeles. Using natural dyes, and hand painted stripes, Jungmaven tees are the softest, most rugged shirts we’ve ever found.  Working directly with Rob, we are pleased to introduce a few new styles just for the gals.


Born out of the great millinery tradition of New York City, Brookes Boswell Millinery was founded in 2009. Brookes Boswell started her studio after an apprenticeship with one of the city’s longtime milliners. Her background in architectural design, fine art and textiles, give Brookes a keen eye for precision, a love of fine materials, and an appreciation for the construction techniques used in the trade. Working directly with Brookes we are proud to offer a selection of hats that combine functional detailing with a classic aesthetic. Each hat is meticulously crafted by hand in Portland, Oregon.


Liz Libré, is the special kind of person who can quote Seinfeld and describe the nuance of early American letterpress machinery in the same breath.  Her distinctive script beautifully captures the grace and elegance that is so often left out of the equation when describing women & workwear.  Featuring an exclusive pattern drawn by Liz (with India Ink), each bandana is hand silk-screened in Boston on beautiful hand loomed cotton Khadi--a textile with an incredible history and made to take some abuse.  Our contrast serged Khadi cotton is carefully sourced directly from a family of weavers in the rural areas near the city of Ahmedabad.  From the same family that brings us our Liz Libre collaboration, our Khadi mender's hanky is dyed by a family who has been in the profession for generations and hand embroidered in Ahmedabad by a group of women working from home.