Our Models

Real. Bad. Babes.


Alice Saunders

Our OG gamine, Alice is a complete and total badass.  Celebrating her love of history and textiles, she designs and sews incredible bags for her label, Forestbound in Boston.  When not in the studio, Alice is likely on the track and encouraging others to get out and move in honor of those who no longer can via her project Long May They Run.


Keely Curliss

Working as a farmer and youth activist, Keely spends her days working as a crew leader and Farmer at the Food Project.  The Food Project is based around Boston and grows over a quarter-million pounds organic produce, with thousands of pounds of produce donated to local hunger relief organizations. 

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Kayla Sudduth

 Working as an organic veggie and flower farmer on the farm coast of Massachusetts, Kayla is a force for inclusion and support for women.  When not farming, she is pursuing a career as a midwife. Kayla believes women should have the ability to choose their own path and celebrates independence through education.