Coveralls & Overalls Ready To Get Back To Work

After all the years I’ve spent thinking about the challenges women have in finding beautiful, hardworking overalls and coveralls, I’m proud to put forward a different kind of solution.   Rather than mass-producing garments with a big environmental footprint, I’m excited to put back on the road the best workwear that already exists: vintage coveralls /overalls made from the best hardworking, all natural textiles no longer being made. Working closely with a small team of blue-collar, Yankee seamstresses we’re celebrating the idea of keeping things going as long as possible.  With every patch and reinforced seam, we’re reminded of the importance of self-reliance and the concept of women making clothing for one another.  As each piece is unique, the overall /coveralls are offered in a variety of fits and inseams to accommodate the spectrum of women’s body types.

Together we bring you workwear designed to continue to see many, many M I L E S.

Past M I L E S

Some of our past vintage workwear projects that are proudly back out in the world: