Dungarees - How to Measure

Gamine’s tailored slim slouch dungaree is made of raw, selvage denim. In a world of stretch fabrics, you will likely find that you cannot simply apply sizing rules from other garments to 100% cotton dungarees. Also, you will likely find your new dungarees feel rather stiff and snug out of the box.  Once worn and broken in, there's nothing like a pair of raw denim dungarees. 

To find your best fit, first you'll need some measurements– don't worry, it's quick and simple.  In the case of measuring yourself, you'll want to get as close to your base layer as possible and be sure to not pull the tape super tight.  You'll want to take 3 measurements and use these numbers to compare to the size chart that most closely resembles your body type (below). 

  • Waist: Measure your waist, or roughly an inch below your navel.
  • Hips:  Measure at the widest spot of your hips.
  • Thigh: Measure the thickest part of your thigh.

Please note, raw denim will stretch out once worn. There's no golden rule to how much stretch as this depends on how frequently you wear your dungarees and what kind of movements you do while wearing them.  We suggest sizing to your measurements closely if you want a tailored fit post break in or sizing up if you want a loose fit once broken in.

If you have any questions about fit, please email us at ella@gamineworkwear.com

Three Available Fits:


The straight silhouette is designed specifically for gals who have less definition between their hips and waists.

All measurements in inches.


The demi silhouette is designed specifically for gals with a waist much smaller in proportion to her hips and waist.

All measurements in inches.


The bold fit is designed specifically for gals with hourglass silhouettes needing a bit more room through the bum and waist.

All measurements in inches.