We strive to be honest every step of the way, so you should know how we operate–And why we've chosen to do so.

Here's the deal: when we started Gamine in the spring of 2014 we wanted to share the gear that we spent years perfecting as we continued to work hard on our other passions.  As we devote our time to perfecting our trades (gardening and geology) and care deeply about making high quality garments with real human beings, you will find that our shelves are sometimes empty. 

We remain committed to bringing top notch workwear to market in the most sustainable, affordable means possible. We don't believe in waste, so we work with our seamstresses to create smaller runs of our products during specific times of year (ideally pre and post New England frost). While unconventional, we believe in doing what make us happy and that means spending time outside working with our hands.

We deeply appreciate your interest and excitement in our products as we balance our commitment to the quality and archaeology of our garments and our passion for hard work outside the studio doors.