honest workwear for women


designed in the field & built for real work

In keeping with the outstanding tradition of American Workwear, Gamine develops garments that are functional without ignoring form. We aim to create products that get better with use.

Sweetwater Trouser

Gamine + Dickies 1922 Collaboration

We are thrilled to introduce a collaboration with Dickies 1922: this adaptable trouser just right for the days when you want to give your Dungarees a break.

Using Rugged natural textiles and time-Honored manufacturing techniques, We make Gear That Respects Real Work.


Care About What You Wear

Function Without Ignoring Form
Just because you work hard and get dirty does not mean you forfeit the opportunity to express yourself with the way you dress.
Durable Not Disposable
Gamine provides a stylish counterpoint to disposable, synthetic box-store workwear and high-end knock-offs.
Feminine Doesn't Mean Pink
Hard-working women deserve workwear that honors their craft. Our gear is feminine without being sparkly or pink.